Corporate style

In its layout logo should be put in the foreground, so that it would be mostly discernible and clearly seen. There should always be left enough space around the logo, at least “2 points” on each side. Under the “point” we understand “the circle” of logo. Space distribution must be at least equivalent to “2 points” on each side of the logo. Where it is possible, the space should be expanded.

“Vozrozhdenie” Bank’s logo should remain invariable in its form, color and layout. It is important, that the logo should never be subject to any alterations or be depicted in a wrong way.

Keep to original colors.
Do not replace colors by each other.
Do not change symbols layout.
Do not manipulate with the logo text.
Use only authorized background colors.
Do not separate text on the logo from the symbol.
Use only authorized background colors.
Do not arrange the logo above an “overloaded” picture.
The logo must be depicted as clearly as possible.
Do not manipulate and do not change color and/or text in the logo.