Bank Vozrozhdenie coverage spreads on over 900 ATMs

5 September 2014

Moscow, September 5, 2014: the 900th V.Bank’s ATM has been launched in Serpukhov of Moscow region. The bank is currently one of Top-20 credit institutions in Russia by number of ATMs.

“The 900th ATM is just another machine of our service network. Today, we notice our cardholders’ activity is shifting to non-cash transactions. Of course, we take it into account while developing our ATM coverage and don’t aim exclusively at its quantitative expansion. Far more important is that this year we’ve modernised each our machine and transformed it into a point of online self-service, providing options of performing a wide range of transactions with all existing accounts. And this fact is extremely important for our clientele as our mass-market customer may not have regular access to the internet,” commented Mark Nakhmanovich, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.

Bank Vozrozhdenie ATM offers full line of different services. Today, our clients do not need to visit our offices to open the most popular deposits, transfer funds within the bank on cards and accounts as well as on the cards issued by other banks, repay loans, replenish card and deposit accounts. The upgraded menu allows proceeding payments to a large number of recipients, including for cell and public utility services, TV, internet, and many others — with either bank cards or cash.

This year, we have also improved design and interface of the ATMs’ menu, which made it more intuitive and, hence, handier.

Bank Vozrozhdenie earned RUB859 million of net income in H1 2014
Bank Vozrozhdenie has held the meeting of the Board of Directors