Bank Vozrozhdenie ordinary shares are included into Quotation List A1 on MICEX

11 June 2013

On June 13, 2013, MICEX Stock Exchange will transfer ordinary non-documentary registered shares of Bank Vozrozhdenie to Quotation List A1 (MICEX Order № 733-r dated June 10, 2013). Currently shares of 34 most reliable companies according to MICEX assessment have this listing level.

Ordinary shares of Bank Vozrozhdenie are admitted for trading on MICEX since 1998. After listing in 2006 they were included into Quotation List B, in July 2007 — into Quotation List A2. Listing rules of MICEX set criteria for issuers which securities are included into quotation lists such as market capitalization, monthly trading volumes, financial standing of the issuer, business reputation, information transparency and level of corporate governance. Bank Vozrozhdenie complies with MICEX requirements to issuers of the highest listing level.

The bank is known for its adherence to best international practices in corporate governance and information disclosure. In March 2013, it was awarded for Best Corporate Governance in Russia by authoritative British magazine World Finance. Currently free float of the bank’s ordinary non-documentary registered shares is about 38%.

Bank Vozrozhdenie Board of Directors held its regular meeting
Bank Vozrozhdenie Board of Directors held its regular meeting