Bank Vozrozhdenie was awarded for the best corporate governance in Russia

11 March 2013

Bank Vozrozhdenie was recognized as the leader in “Best Corporate Governance, Russia” nomination of the annual award of the British magazine World Finance. The candidates were chosen by voting of the magazine’s readers and then the winners were elected by the expert jury including the chief editor and invited experts.

“Bank Vozrozhdenie traditionally adheres to the best international practices in corporate conduct. The bank managed to design a highly effective corporate governance system that is continuously developing in order to adapt to the changing environment and to meet the interests of our investors. We are proud of our efforts high assessment by World Finance magazine and very grateful for the received reward,” commented Dmitry Orlov, Bank Vozrozhdenie Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The winners were defined on the basis of evaluating such benchmarks as organization of the corporate governance system and its structure in the company, protection of minority shareholders’ rights and transparency of decision-making process. Bank Vozrozhdenie got the highest rankings on the above-mentioned criteria and acknowledged appreciation from the investors in addition to the recognition of its healthy business prospects.

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