Retail deposits of Bank Vozrozhdenie exceeded Rub 100 bln in 2012

7 February 2013

By the end of 2012 V.Bank’s retail deposits reached more than Rub 100 bln driven by 10.9% annual growth. In absolute terms, the figure added Rub 9.9 bln for the reporting period.

Retail deposits portfolio comprised over Rub 80.5 bln as of the beginning of 2013 due to annual increase of above 12.9% (Rub 9.2 bln in absolute terms).

“We try to develop retail deposits as efficient instruments of saving and adding value for our clients; therefore we monitor the market attentively and adjust rates and other terms in case of necessity. And it yields the result: for instance, we managed to expand the volume of funds attracted into the seasonal products focusing on demands of our target audience (pensioners, members of the Bank’s payroll projects, employees of state-financed organisations) and increasing rates during 2012, as well as providing our clientele with the most convenient terms for this product”, commented Mr. Evgeniy Dmitriev, Head of Retail Deparetment of V.Bank.

The bank put special emphasis on expanding the share of long-term deposits. Close contact with our clients and offering competitive terms for 1.5 years + deposits, contributed to their portfolio share increase of 2.9%.

As of January 01, 2013, the number of individual customers of V-bank reached 1.7 bln people.

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