100 thsd cards were issued by Bank Vozrozhdenie for new clients since the beginning of 2011

25 May 2011

Bank Vozrozhdenie issued more than 100 0000 bank cards for new clients since the beginning of 2011. Volume of funds placed on card accounts grew by 10.1% as compared with the similar date of the previous year and amounted to RUB 58 bln.

“We’ve been always working on our cards to turn into a key to a wide range of opportunities for the bank’s clients. Today, cards issued by Bank Vozrozhdenie provide not only a possibility to withdraw cash or pay in the points of sale all over the world but also to pay telecommunications and utility bills, payoff loans, add and place the deposits, provide different settlements”, — says Mark Nakhmanovich, Deputy Chairmen of the Management Board.

“During last year a number of clients used remote access for managing their bank accounts has doubled and exceeded 570 thsd people comprising over one third of all retail bank’s clients. We are planning to extend capabilities of the service in H2 2011 and make it possible for clients to execute via cell phone and internet such transactions like payments and money transfers including those to the benefit of third parties”, — Mark Nakhmanovich added.

Number of cards issued by the Bank totaled around 1.4mln. Most of them were issued within the payroll projects which exceeded 11.5thsd. Balances on bank card accounts amounted to RR16bln as of May 25, 2011.

The Bank installed 23 new ATM’s since the beginning of the year. At present Bank’s ATM network is comprised of 753 units in 21 region of Russia.

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