Bank Vozrozhdenie passed the external revision on compliance with the legislative and Central Bank requirements on information protection

21 December 2010

Bank Vozrozhdenie passed the review on fulfillment of legislative and Central Bank requirements № СТО БР ИББС-1.0-2010 on protection of personal data.

The revision of Bank’s Head office and number of branches with regard to compliance with the abovementioned requirements was carried out by the company “Informzaschita”. The level of informational security in Bank Vozrozhdenie was recognized as 4th according the Central Bank standard СТО БР ИББС-1.0-2010 (scale from 0 to 5) which is recommended level by CBR in accordance with СТО БР ИББС-1.0-2010. The confirmation of Bank’s compliance based on the summary of results and revision’s report shall be submitted to the relevant Central Bank bodies, FSB, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control and Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications.

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