Bank Vozrozhdenie became the Bank of the year in Russia

6 December 2010

Bank Vozrozhdenie was recognized as the Bank of the year in Russia by The Banker magazine, the authoritative British periodical. This is the annual prestigious professional prize which is awarded to the world’s leading banks for over 11 years. The winner is chosen on the base of the bank’s performance over the previous year. The prize is awarded to the best banks from over than 140 countries worldwide. The awarding ceremony for the world’s best banks has been held in London on the 2nd of December. Bank Vozrozhdenie was presented a golden statuette of Brendan Braken as the best bank of the year in Russia. The statuette of The Banker’s editor and founder is traditionally presented to the winners.

Philip Alexander Finance Editor The Banker magazine, Bank Vozrozhdenie Deputy chairwoman Lyudmila Goncharova, Bank Vozrozhdenie deputy chairman Alexander Dolgopolov, Michael Buerk BBC broadcaster

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Bank Vozrozhdenie executives to give conference call for investors
Bank Vozrozhdenie became the Bank of the year in Russia