Bank Vozrozhdenie enhances partnership with the Finance Academy under the Government of Russia

27 June 2007

Graduation ball of the Finance Academy students was held with participation of the Minister of Finance Mr. Aleksey Kudrin, top-managers of the President of Russia and Government Administrations, famous Russian bankers and businessmen. Dmitry Orlov, the President of Bank Vozrozhdenie and the Chairman of the Trustee Board of the Finance Academy, made a farewell speech to the graduates of the current year. Bank Vozrozhdenie has already been cooperating with the Finance Academy for several years. “The Bank is proud for its employees that graduated from the Finance Academy”, said Dmitry Orlov. “We highly appreciate this educational institution that is one of leaders of the economical education not only in Russia but also in the Europe”.

On the Children’s Protection Day Bank Vozrozhdenie organized a celebration for young residents of Rostov-on-Don
Annual general shareholders meeting