Today Bank Vozrozhdenie issued its 750,000 bankcard

4 May 2006

The number of active debit and credit cards provided to customers by Bank Vozrozhdenie reached the three-quarters of a million mark this month.

Bank Vozrozhdenie issues international bankcards of both Visa International and MasterCard payment systems. All cards in operation are chip cards meeting these payment systems’ requirements.

Bank Vozrozhdenie started active development of the bankcard business in October 1998. Now Vozrozhdenie’s extensive ATM network comprises 416 ATMs, including 248 units in the Moscow Region. Over 50 ATMs provide “cash-in” service allowing the deposit of bank notes. Bank Vozrozhdenie provides services to over 1,500 points of sale, more than half of which are located in the Moscow Region.

There has been steady growth in demand for Bank Vozrozhdenie’s bankcards: 50,000 people have become cardholders over the first four months of 2006.

Since the beginning of 2006 over 8.5 million transactions have been processed through the Bank’s ATMs, of which 2 million transactions are payments for mobile phone service. In the same period, bankcard volumes have exceeded RUR 18 billion. Balances on these special bankcard accounts total RUR 5.5 billion.

M.M.Nakhmanovich, Deputy Chairman of Bank Vozrozhdenie commented on the issue of the 750,000th bankcard: “This card is the result of the patient work of our team of thousands of staff. Each bankcard carries the brand of a strong financial institution — Bank Vozrozhdenie, where a classic, conservative and responsible approach to banking business is combined with modern banking technologies. Each bankcard reflects the essence of our strategy, captured in the slogan — “Bank that is always with you”.

Vozrozhdenie Bank is a General Sponsor of the Fifth Moscow Easter Festival.
Vozrozhdenie Bank Reports First Quarter 2006 IFRS Net Income of RUR 166 million, almost triple 2005 first quarter.