Dmitriy Orlov, President of Vozrozhdeniye Bank was awarded with Deed of Honor of the publishing house Financial Control

25 November 2004

The publishing house awarded Dmitriy Orlov, President of the Bank with Deed of Honor signed by Sergey Stepashin, Head of Clearing House of the Russian Federation and Chairman of editorial board of publishing house Financial Control for his significant personal contribution in strengthening and development of the financial and economic journal Financial Control.

Publishing house and the monthly analytical and information edition Financial Control were established in the years 2001-2002 on the initiative of the Expert and Consulting Board under clearing house Chairman. Sergey Stepashin, Chairman of clearing house has become the head of the editorial board. The board is composed of the heads of ministries and government bodies that ensure economic security of the country, leaders of the government control and regulating institutions in the field of finance and economy, leaders of law-enforcement bodies, scientists-economists, as well as representatives of social institutions. The purpose of the above edition is to highlight financial and economic processes with respect to their compliance with legal norms and business ethics, including analysis of activities of the financial-economic subjects aimed at ensuring their transparency and adhering to the established procedures of reporting and taxation, as well as learning the experience of regulating bodies in counteracting financial and economic infringements. Vozrozhdeniye Bank has backed up the initiative of establishing the above journal and promoted its strengthening.

The motives for the Bank’s management to support the above edition and the publishing house are clear. From the very beginning Vozrozhdeniye has continuously followed the legal norms and moral standards, stood up for development of healthy business environment, adhered to the principles of transparency of business activities and information openness, as well as contributed to the proper exercise of the financial and currency control regulations. At the same time, introducing widely clearing transactions the Bank facilitates to solve such government task as ensuring transparency of finance flows, proper execution of taxation norms, as well as increase in tax collection and replenishment of budgets.

In October 2004 Vozrozhdeniye Bank set up 9 more ATMs including 6 ATMs with the “cash-in” function. At the moment, the total number of ATMs within the Bank network has reached 298
Vozrozhdeniye Bank is included in the list of institutions advised for entering into agreement with enterprises attracted for servicing government contracts initiated by Federal Industry Agency