Vozrozhdeniye Bank has been ranked among the top 200 Russian companies in the annual rating published by the weekly analytical edition Expert (#37)

8 October 2004

According to Expert RA, Vozrozhdeniye Bank is ranked among the top Russian companies (covering all industries) by market value. According to Expert RA, in rating compilation the company capitalization was the principal criteria, i.e. market value of ordinary shares (in compliance with the RTS stock exchange data) multiplied by their number. The table containing estimated ratios of performance results and stock trade volumes is compiled of the 200 Russian companies with the highest market capitalization as at September 1st 2002.

Vozrozhdeniye Bank has been ranked in the “Expert 400” — rating of the top companies by product sales volume. As a principal criteria for rating compilation there was taken the ratio characterizing the volume of sales (products, works and services) in 2003. For the banking sector — this is the sum of interest income (before expenses) and non-interest income (less expenses on securities and foreign currency operations). The above data were based on the banking reports compiled in accordance with IFRS US and GAAP standards alone.

Vozrozhdeniye Bank is ranked 17th among the top Russian banks by product sales volume (Expert RA).

For reference:

At the moment Vozrozhdeniye Bank is the only Russian bank, which shares in the form of American Depository Receipts (ADR) are listed on the international stock market. The most operations with the Vozrozhdeniye’s ADRs take place on Frankfurt, Berlin and Stuttgart stock exchanges. In July 1996 American Securities Commission (SEC) registered the program of issuing the 1st level American Depository Receipts (ADRs) for the Vozrozhdeniye Bank’s shares. The issued ADRs for the Vozrozhdeniye Bank’s shares amount to 550,000 items (in proportion: 1 ordinary share =1 ADR).

On October 08, 2004, Vozrozhdeniye Bank has issued the 500,000th bankcard
Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency upgraded the long-term credit rating for Vozrozhdeniye Bank up to Baa2 (rus) level