Vozrozhdenie Bank successfully finished the first six months of year 2004

8 July 2004

For the recent six months, the net assets of Vozrozhdenie Bank increased by 20 per cent and achieved the level of 31.9 billion roubles, the profit for the first six months amounted 236.2 million roubles. The own funds of the Bank on July 01, 2004 amounted 3.25 billion roubles.

The credit portfolio of the Bank on July 01, 2004 amounted 25 billion roubles. The funds on the client accounts increased by 21 per cent up to 26.1 billion roubles, in particular, the deposits borrowed from individuals increased for the same period by 27 per cent up to 13.1 billion roubles.

By July 01, 2004, the number of issued bank cards exceeded 472 thousand. By the present time, the Bank has installed and connected to the own Processing Centre over 266 automated teller machines in Moscow City, Moscow Region, and other cities of Russia.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was given the Recognition Certificate for development of network of client service points network from Western Union, an international payment company
Moody’s assigns E+_B2_NP ratings to Bank Vozrozhdenie (Russia)