Vozrozhdenie Bank was given the Recognition Certificate for development of network of client service points network from Western Union, an international payment company

5 July 2004

Thus, the great contribution of the Bank was recognised to development of the Western Union money transfer system, acting as the world leader in this field.

Vozrozhdenie Bank is one of the largest partners of Western Union. Over sixty specialised points of the Bank in Moscow Region and 87 points all over Russia provide money transfers through the system of Western Union. The network of the Western Union service points organised by Vozrozhdenie Bank continues to grow quickly along with the number of executed operations.

On July 01, 2004, the Recognition Certificate was given to Mr. Dmitriy Orlov, the President of Vozrozhdenie Bank, by Mr. Kurt Johan Marx, the Regional Vice President of Western Union (Central and East Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States) and President of NCO Western Union Vostok Subsidiary Company.

Mr. Kurt Marx noted the serious success of Vozrozhdenie Bank in development of the Western Union transfer network, expressed his hope for further mutually beneficial collaboration, and said:

“I am strongly satisfied with the dynamics in development of the money transfer system by the Bank and wide involvement of client network. The operative work of Vozrozhdenie Bank is merely impressive. I would like to state that for a very short period of time Vozrozhdenie Bank has become one of the leaders of this market in Russia”.

On July 02, 2004, the Recognition Certificate was given to Vozrozhdenie Bank for its significant contribution to development of the Western Union client service points network in Moscow Region
Vozrozhdenie Bank successfully finished the first six months of year 2004