In Bank Vozrozhdeniye the audit of financial reporting according to IAS for the year 2003 has been completed

10 June 2004

In the reported year the growth of all principal financial ratios of the Bank has been marked. Tier 1 Capital more than doubled and amounted to RR 2,002 ml (USD 67.9 ml) as a result of share issue and placement of the Bank’s ordinary shares in August 2003. The capital growth resulted in increase of assets by 1.6 times up to RR 26,617 ml (USD 903.7 ml) and in doubling of the loan portfolio up to RR 16,753 ml (USD 568.8 ml).

Customer balances in the Bank’s current accounts topped RR 22,465 ml (USD 762.7 ml) including RR 10,505 ml (USD 356.7 ml) worth funds of individuals, which have nearly doubled compared to the year 2002.

The Bank’s net profit for the year 2003 calculated according to International financial reporting standards made RR 64 ml (USD 2.2 ml).

The year 2003 results reflect a steady growth of the Bank’s profits in its traditional field.

In the year 2002, operations not related to the principal current business of the Bank affected profitability of the Bank’s activities. In particular, lowering of the obligatory provision against non-performing loan, which was extended to the bankrupt automobile enterprise “Moskvich” due to revaluation of the borrower’s collateral quality and value. However, significant additional gains were obtained from restructuring of the current obligations to the Ministry of Finance under the World Bank’s pre-crisis projects.

With the exception of the two items above, the Bank’s operating profit after tax for the year 2002 amounted to RR 13 ml, which corresponds to two percent return on average capital. Operating profit for the year 2003 made RR 103 ml corresponding to 7 percent return on average capital.

Over the year 2003 the Bank expanded the trade network of its products and services: Representative office coordinating business development in the Northwest region and the branch in Tula were set up, four additional offices and five cash offices started their operations, as well as 82 new ATMs. At the moment, the Bank’s branch network includes 116 offices and the total number of ATMs topped 266 units.

Vozrozhdeniye Bank is among thirty major banks in Russia by principal economic ratios (assets, lending and borrowing volumes). Its ranking among Russian banks by volumes of retail deposits has risen five positions up to the tenth position, which is an objective indicator of steady development in the sphere of retail business.

On June 25th the annual General Meeting of the Bank Vozrozhdeniye’s shareholders will take place
On July 02, 2004, the Recognition Certificate was given to Vozrozhdenie Bank for its significant contribution to development of the Western Union client service points network in Moscow Region