On June 25th the annual General Meeting of the Bank Vozrozhdeniye’s shareholders will take place

4 June 2004

The following issues will be included in agenda of the annual General Meeting of shareholders:

  1. Approval of the annual report, annual accounting reporting, profit and loss statement for the year 2003 and the profit distribution.
  2. About payment (declaration) of dividends for the year 2003.
  3. Approval of the Supervisory Council’s Report.
  4. About introduction of alterations and amendments into the Charter.
  5. About approval of Regulation on the order of preparation, calling and holding of the General Meeting of shareholders of Open joint-stock company Bank Vozrozhdeniye in the new edition.
  6. About approval of Regulation on Supervisory Council of Open joint-stock company Bank Vozrozhdeniye in the new edition.
  7. About approval of Regulation on Revision Commission of Open joint-stock company Bank Vozrozhdeniye in the new edition.
  8. About approval of Regulation on executive bodies of Open joint-stock company Bank Vozrozhdeniye.
  9. About approval of transactions of interest;
  10. Election of the Supervisory Council;
  11. Election of the sole executive authority — Chairman of the Board (President of the Bank);
  12. Election of the Revision Commission;
  13. Election of the Auditor.

Shareholders can get acquainted with information materials on the meeting agenda at the head office (Moscow, Luchnikov lane, 7/4, building 6, room 34, tel. 929-18-61) and at the Bank’s branches from June 4th 2004.

On May 19th 2004 General Agreement was signed between Administration of Dzerzhinskiy-city and Vozrozhdeniye Bank
In Bank Vozrozhdeniye the audit of financial reporting according to IAS for the year 2003 has been completed