Share capital structure

Total number of entities registered in the shareholders’ register as at July 1, 2017

Total number of share owners: 7,972, including:

  • Legal entities: 853;
  • Individuals: 7,119.

Total number of voting shares’ owners: 3,675

Distribution of voting shares’ owners as at July 1, 2017

Registered entitiesShare in total number of voting shares (%)
Legal entities95.5
incl. foreign 63.5
Russian professional investors27.6
other Russian companies4.4

List of shareholders owning more than 5 percent of the bank’s authorised capital as at June 15, 2017

Shareholder Share in total number of voting shares (%)
Promsvyaz Capital B.V.50.00
VectorInvest LLC9.98
CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (Public Joint-Stock Company)8.60

No bank’s shares are in cross-ownership.

Information about bank’s shares owned by the Board members can be found in the list of affiliated persons and in the quarterly report on securities.

List of persons controlling or having material impact on the Bank (PDF, 166.2 KB)