Shareholders equity

Vozrozhdenie Bank is a public joint-stock company.

According to Vozrozhdenie Bank Articles of Association, its shareholders equity is equal to RUB 250,431,990 and consists of 23,784,694 ordinary non-documentary shares with RUB 10 face value each and of 1,294,505 preference non-documentary registered shares with the fixed rate of dividend of RUB 10 face value each.

Since 1998 Vozrozhdenie Bank shares have been traded on MICEX. Earlier the stocks were traded over-the-counter and on other Russian stock exchanges.

In 1996, Vozrozhdenie Bank pioneered in launching ADR program for investors. As of 01.06.2017, 45,970 ADRs for Vozrozhdenie Bank ordinary shares were traded OTC with conversion ratio of 1 ADR per 1 ordinary share.