Bank Vozrozhdenie Board of Directors held a regular meeting

4 February 2014

Today according to the earlier approved annual schedule of work Bank Vozrozhdenie Board of Directors held its regular meeting in the form of absentee voting.

As per the Regulation on Bank Vozrozhdenie general shareholders meetings in order to ensure proper preparation to holding an annual General shareholders meeting the Board of Directors approved the membership of the Organizational Committee for preparing and holding the annual General meeting of shareholders.

The Board of Directors has considered the following reports:

  • Report on activity of Internal Control and Audit Service at Bank Vozrozhdenie during 2013;
  • Report on compliance with the rules of internal control and with internal control programmes to combat legalization (laundering) of criminally obtained revenues and terrorist financing for Q4, 2013;
  • Report on results of internal control over combating misuse of inside information and market manipulation at Bank Vozrozhdenie for Q4, 2013;
  • Quarterly report of the Controller over Bank Vozrozhdenie professional activity on the securities market for Q4, 2013.

The above-mentioned reports were preliminary considered by the Board of Directors Audit Committee in the course of the meeting held on January 31, 2014.

The Board of Directors has also analyzed the progress made in implementing Plan of activities on improvement of Bank Vozrozhdenie corporate governance. As a part of control over the fulfillment of the Board of Directors decisions the Board of Directors considered the Report on Board of Directors decisions fulfillment in Q4, 2014.

Preliminary results of Bank Vozrozhdenie for 2013
Mr. Dmitry Orlov was recognized as the Best Banking Chairman of the Board, Russia 2014