Corporate loan portfolio of Bank Vozrozhdenie exceeded Rub 124 bln

29 January 2013

Corporate loan portfolio of Bank Vozrozhdenie gained almost 10.7% YoY, as of January 1, 2013, and went beyond Rub 124.3 bln. Loans to SMEs comprised more than 60% of the portfolio.

The bank’s loan book is highly diversified by sectors — more than 34% fall to industrial sector, while transport, construction organisations, as well as agricultural and trading companies are also among V.Bank’s borrowers.

“In 2012 lending to SMEs remained the key driver of corporate loan portfolio growth supported by stable financing our strategic clients in all regions where the bank has presence. Last year, we developed financial instruments both for our large and SME clients and intensified cooperation with institutions supporting small business. Particularly, we have entered into cooperation agreements with guarantee funds of Saint-Petersburg and Khabarovsk Region, and today our clientele enjoy fund’s guarantees in 14 regions. SMEs are our core segment that sets a long-term strategic objective of developing up-to-date and efficient instruments for their support and development”, commented Mrs. Lyudmila Goncharova, Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Board.

Following its business strategy, the bank actively extended collaboration with SME Bank in 2012 and heightened volumes of lending to small enterprises. A new credit product — FIM (Funding for Innovation and Modernization) for Special Purposes — was launched in mid-September to finance investment projects of SME clients. Under this product, SME companies get long-term funding of up to Rub 60 mln at not higher than 12.5% p. a.

“For over three months of realizing FIM for Special Purposes product we provided our SME clients with Rub 650 mln of financing on implementation of investment projects for business development, particularly, purchasing new equipment, construction and modernization of production capacities. The project will be in place till mid-April of 2013, and we hope that as many of companies as possible would take an advantage of attractive loan terms and give a fresh impetus to their businesses.” Mrs. Goncharova comments.

Today, V.Bank’s clients are provided with the full line of banking services supporting business development, including factoring, trade financing, bank guarantees, as well as fund management instruments, cash services, payroll projects, acquiring and collection.

Quantity of active bank cards of Bank Vozrozhdenie exceeded 1.4 mln
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