Quantity of active bank cards of Bank Vozrozhdenie exceeded 1.4 mln

28 January 2013

In 2012, V.Bank’s cards exceeded 1.4 mln with more than 400 ths of cards issued within 2012 among them. More than 190 ths of new clients joined payroll projects amounted to 14 ths by the end of the year. Volume of funds placed to bank cards accounts exceeded Rub 186 bln and their balances reached Rub 17 bln. Net commission income increased by 11% YoY.

“Our business strategy considers payrolls as the core instrument of attracting clientele,” said Mr. Mark Nakhmanovich, Deputy Board Chairman. “Cross-sales during payroll cards issuance provide further significant raise in our income gained via offering support services. Meanwhile, such income takes more than 60% in the structure of cards business net commission income.”

In 2013, development of cross-selling the two key products — loans and remote banking services — to existing clients is set as one of the bank’s core objectives. “The latter means consecutive transition of retail clients from offices to cash dispensers and terminals and those who already use them — to such channels as Internet, cell phones and SMS-payments. We aim at providing our clientele with convenient service with high security level maintained as well as at decreasing its cost for the bank.” — Mr. Nakhmanovich commented.

Bank Vozrozhdenie was ranked 3rd by market capitalization among Russian banks
Corporate loan portfolio of Bank Vozrozhdenie exceeded Rub 124 bln