Bank Vozrozhdenie improved its positions among most reliable Russian banks

29 August 2012

Bank Vozrozhdenie was ranked 22nd among Top-100 most reliable Russian banks in H1 2012 according to The Profile magazine. The bank gained 13 positions for the quarter and advanced from 35th place in Q1 2012.

Reliability ranks are assigned on the basis of capital adequacy and liquidity ratios, share of interbank funding and a number of other factors indicating soundness of the credit institution.

In the first half of the year assets of Bank Vozrozhdenie grew in line with the sector trends, so the bank maintained 29th rank by assets. In terms of capital growth the bank outpaced the sector and improved its position in capital ranking from 34th to 32nd place.

“We traditionally put special emphasis on risk management striving to maintain optimal balance sheet structure. Despite quite intricate situation in the sector, we support our strong liquidity position and constantly enhance the capital base, relying on solid customer funding. We strictly follow the CBR capital requirements, while the share of Tier 1 capital comprises circa 80% of total capital. The bank’s credit policy is well-balanced to provide planned growth rates and returns, while minimizing credit risks. These measures afford us to maintain comfortable capital adequacy and liquidity ratios and hence demonstrate high solvency and reliability levels”, — commented Andrey Shalimov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.

Bank Vozrozhdenie net income in H1 2012 grew 69% YoY to RUB 1.2 billion
Bank Vozrozhdenie was ranked 6th among the most “plastic” banks by RBC.Rating