Alexander Dolgopolov appointed as Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Vozrozhdenie

6 July 2012

On June 6, 2012 Alexander Dolgopolov was officially appointed a Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Vozrozhdenie. Dmitry Orlov, the major shareholder, who was the CEO of the bank since its establishment, headed the Board of Directors.

“Alexander has been with the bank for more than 18 years and understands the company from the inside. Long history of leadership in our bank and broad banking experience has prepared him to succeed in the new role, implementing our strategy in every day activity of the bank and taking advantages of market opportunities ahead.

The bank’s key priorities remains intact, and my new position in the Board of Directors will give the opportunity to focus more on the strategy execution and enhance corporate governance procedures in line with the best practices”, — commented Dmitry Orlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“It’s an honor to follow in Dmitry Orlov’s footsteps and gain his support in my new role. He is the key to establishment of what has become a unique financial services institution which kept developing successfully for more than 20 years despite all the difficulties and external shocks, and earned undisputable trust of its clients. Since its inception, Bank Vozrozhdenie has been committed to developing our organization as a premier regional bank focused on customer service, and we aim to keep to the same direction: maintain our strong position on the SME market, take advantages of favourable conditions for the retail lending and enhance our sources of non-interest income, while remaining conservative in the risk assessment”, — commented Alexander Dolgopolov.

Mr. Dolgopolov has been working with the bank for more than 18 years. He actively participated in the bank’s development and realization of important initiatives, including evolution of retail business dimension. He also supervised activity of Retail, Shareholder Relations, Cash Operations and Marketing Departments.

Mr. Dolgopolov is a member of the Management Board since 1996 and a member of the Board of Directors — since 1997. His share in the authorized capital of Bank Vozrozhdenie is 0.36%

He was born in 1961 and graduated from Moscow G. V. Plekhanov Institute of National Economy in 1985. Mr. Dolgopolov has a Candidate degree of Economic Science and a qualification certificate which gives him the right to carry out a professional activity on the securities market.

Alexander Dolgopolov has been awarded with the Honor of the Governor of Moscow Region “In Gratitude” and “For Contribution and Dedication”.

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