The Board of Directors of Bank Vozrozhdenie held its regular meeting

4 February 2011

In order to prepare appropriately to the holding of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and in accordance with the Regulations on the General Meeting of Shareholders the Board of Directors approved the membership of the Organizational Committee on preparation and holding the Annual General Meeting of Shareholder.

The Board of Directors reviewed the Report on Bank Vozrozhdenie Internal Control and Audit Service activity carried out in 2010 and recognized it as satisfactory. The Board of Directors analyzed the reports on Bank’s reviews held by the Bank of Russia which were submitted to the Board of Directors in 4Q 2010.

The Board of Directors considered the quarterly report of the Controller over the Bank’s professional activity at the securities market as well as the quarterly report on compliance with the rules of internal control and with internal programs to combat legalization of criminally obtained revenues and terrorism financing as well as other issues. The Board of Directors also approved a number of documents on risk management.

Turnover on Bank Vozrozhdenie card accounts grew by 15 % in 2010
Bank Vozrozhdenie was ranked among Top 500 Banking Brands