Bank Vozrozhdenie issued more than 1.1 million Visa cards

16 December 2010

International payment system Visa congratulated bank Vozrozhdenie with 1.1 millionth card emitted in November 2010. The bank has 1.4 million active Visa and Mastercard card accounts.

“The payment system itself is less important for the client than the quality of banking card services he is provided with by bank Vozrozhdenie. But the decision on the payment system is the customer’s choice”, — said Mark Nakhmanovich, Deputy Head of the Management Board.

“Furthermore, Visa payment system has earlier started focusing on wider expansion of the cards in the regions. Thus our interests have coincided. Moscow Region is historically the bank’s core territory with 60% business concentration. It is evidenced by 900 thousand active cards accounts covering 6.5 million of Moscow region population”, — added Mark Nakhmanovich.

Bank Vozrozhdenie does the utmost for the card to become a key which gives each cardholder access to a wide range of banking services. The card implies not only encashment but also payment options all over the world. Various self-service transactions are available in all 719 ATMs of the bank. For the last 11 months 8.5 million of 33.4 million transactions were non-cash ones including mobile phone payments, loan servicing, deposits top up, opening deposits via ATM, utilities payments and different sorts of money transfers.

Card accounts turnovers have already amounted to RUB 140 billion and are about to reach RUB 150 billion by the yearend that is 12% higher than 2009 results and 20% than 2008 results.

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