The Board of Directors of Bank Vozrozhdenie held its regular meeting

26 November 2010

During the meeting the Board of Directors summarized results of Bank Vozrozhdenie activity under IFRS and results of the financial plan fulfillment for 9 months 2010. Results of the Bank’s activity were accepted as satisfactory.

The Board of Director considered quarterly report of the Controller over the Bank’s professional activity on the securities market, report on fulfillment of internal control and AML/CFT rules and report on Bank Vozrozhdenie reviews held by the Bank of Russia in Q3 2010.

Schedule of revisions to be held by the Internal control and audit Service in 2011 and H1 2011 was approved by the Board of Directors as well.

Also the results of fulfillment of plan on corporate governance improvement for Q3 2010 were considered. The Board of Directors approved a number of internal regulations and decided to open branch in Voronezh.

The abovementioned issues were preliminary considered at the meeting of the Audit Committee and HR & Compensations Committee which took place on November 25, 2010.

Bank Vozrozhdenie executives to give conference call for investors
Bank Vozrozhdenie participated in the annual conference “Leading Edge Investor Relations”