Vozrozhdenie employee recognized as Russia’s most effective IR professional in finance

8 October 2007

Interfax and Thomson Financial have surveyed the Russian investor relations field and placed Vozrozhdenie Bank’s Julia Vinogradova at the top of the list in the financial sector. More than 300 fund managers and analysts from Russia, Europe, Asia and the US were asked their opinion in the spring of 2007. Each of the 300 participant’s votes was weighted by size of funds under management and therefore reflecting the importance of each investor.

“Vozrozhdenie Bank has a long history of good disclosure,” said Julia Vinogradova, head of the Bank’s investor relations department. “We work hard to ensure that investors are appropriately informed about the progress of their investments in the Bank, whether debt or equity, using several alternatives to provide information; our web-site, web-casts and conference calls, and many meetings and conferences. This isn’t the first time that the Bank has been recognized: Standard & Poor’s put us on the top of their list as the most shareholder transparent bank in Russia in 2006.”

Since its founding in 1991, Vozrozhdenie has carried out 20 share issues and has one of Russia’s most diversified and widely held shareholder’s structures. Strong relations with investors gives the Bank better access to domestic and international markets to obtain equity and debt funding to support the growing borrowing needs of its clients. Transparency in investor relations is a strong element in Vozrozhdenie’s good corporate governance. As well as ensuring good control over the bank’s risk taking, governance is a factor that investors rate highly in assessing the attractiveness of alternative investments.

Regular meeting of the Board of Directors of Bank Vozrozhdenie
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