List of affiliated persons published on the web-site of Bank Vozrozhdenie

1 October 2014

1. General Data

1.1. Full corporate name of the issuer

Bank Vozrozhdenie

1.2. Abbreviated corporate name of the issuer


1.3. Location of the issuer

7/4 Luchnikov pereulok, bldg. 1, Moscow, 101000, Russia

1.4. State Registration number of the Issuer:


1.5. Identification tax number of the issuer:


1.6. Unique code of the issuer, assigned by the registration body:


1.7. Internet site used by the Issuer for publishing messages:

2. Content of the Message

2.1. Bank Vozrozhdenie published on the web-site the list of its affiliated persons prepared according to the results of Q3 2014.

2.2. The affiliated persons list was published on the Internet page on October 1, 2014.

3. Signature

3.1. Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Bank Vozrozhdenie

Alexander Bolvinov

3.2. October 1, 2014


Meeting of the Board of Directors, its agenda and certain resolutions made by the Board
Cancellation of the licence to provide specialized depositary services


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