Deals with interested parties

In accordance with annual General Meeting of Shareholders decision (Minutes No 1 as at June 27, 2014 (PDF, 281.7 KB)) during the period from June 28, 2014 to May 31, 2015 the bank concluded transactions (loan issuance, guarantees, deposits, bank’s guarantees, right of claim acquiring and other transactions) in respect with which the members of Board of Directors and executive bodies of the bank are deemed to be interested parties under article 81 of Federal Law 208-FZ “On joint-stock companies”.

Such transactions were concluded by the bank in the course of its usual commercial activity. Significant terms of such deals did not differ from the standard terms of the similar deals.

The amount of each transaction (a series of related transactions) concluded by the bank with each of the interested parties did not exceed the limit (RUB 12 bln) approved by annual General Meeting of Shareholders decision. The amounts of the transactions bearing credit risk didn’t exceed the limit (RUB 2.5 bln) and sum of several interested parties deals didn’t exceed the limit (RUB 5 bln) approved by the annual General Meeting of Shareholders decision.

The annual General Meeting of Shareholders (Minutes No1 dated June 1, 2015 (PDF, 242.6 KB)) approved transactions, that can be concluded in the ordinary course of business in the period till the next Meeting of Shareholders in 2016.

Subject of the transactions are banking operations and transactions (loans, pledges, sureties, deposits, bank guarantees, acquisition of rights of claim, lease, factoring, raising and placement of interbank loans, conversion transactions, transactions of purchase and sale of precious metals, and other operations in the framework of licenses for banking operations); transactions related to purchase, pledge, lease or disposal of real estate; transactions related to shareholdings in legal entities (including payment of shares in the authorized capital at establishment, additional contributions, acquisition or disposal of shares in the authorized capital); transactions related to purchase and sale of securities (including securities in issue), REPO transactions (save for transactions that are placed by subscription or sale of ordinary shares of the Bank or placement of issuable securities that may be converted into ordinary shares of the Bank); interbank lending transactions and conversion transactions executed under master agreements on the general terms and conditions of such transactions.

Upper limits of the transactions:

the upper limit of each individual transaction bearing a credit risk (including transactions executed under master agreements on the general terms and conditions of such transactions) shall not exceed 2,500,000,000 (Two billion five hundred million) rubles

the upper limit of two or more related transactions bearing a credit risk shall not exceed 5,000,000,000 (Five billion) rubles

the upper limit of any other transaction or two or more related transactions save for aforementioned transactions shall not exceed 12,000,000,000 (Twelve billion) rubles

Other terms and conditions of the transactions:

  • each transaction shall be executed in accordance with standard agreements of the parties;
  • each transaction shall be executed on standard terms that are proposed by the Bank as of the time when such transaction is executed.