Audit Commission

The Audit Commission of Vozrozhdenie Bank is the body responsible for control over financial and business activity of the Bank elected by the General Meeting of shareholders.

The Audit Commission is entitled to:

  • Audit the financial and business activity of the Bank
  • Review compliance of the current operations with the financial and business plan (budget)
  • Audit the Bank’s financial position
  • Review the Bank’s compliance with the set standards and limits as well as functioning of the internal control and risk management systems
  • Review of timeliness and correctness of payments to budget and non-budget funds, dividends accrual and payment, as well as payment of employees remunerations and social insurance

The Audit Commission reviews the correctness of profit distribution, confirms reliability of the annual report data and investigates facts of insider information misuse.
The Audit Commission develops recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Management Board of the Bank on improvement of financial and business activity of the Bank.

Regulations on the Audit Commission (PDF, 284.2 KB) of Vozrozhdenie Bank

Members of the Audit Commission

Evgeny Grebnev, 1982

Graduated from the Academy for Innovations Management in 2004. Mr. Grebnev heads Compliance Service of Vozrozhdenie Bank.

Tamara Lapinskaya, 1954

Graduated from Moscow Financial Institute in 1977. Mrs. Lapinskaya heads the Bank’s Operations Analysis and Planning Administration, Financial Department, Vozrozhdenie Bank.

Viktor Lobosok, 1976

Graduated from Northern International University in 1998. Mr. Lobosok heads Property and Intrabank Transactions Office of Accounting and Reporting Administration, Vozrozhdenie Bank.

Dmitry Obryvalin, 1960

Graduated from Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics in 1982. Mr. Obryvalin heads Shareholders Relations Office of Corporate Affairs Administration, Corporate Management and Development Department, Vozrozhdenie Bank.

Tatiana Borisova, 1957

Heads the Internal Audit Division of the Internal Control Department at Promsvyaz Capital LLC. Mrs Borisova graduated from the Moscow Institute of Engineers of Railroad Transport in 1979.

Andrey Volynkin, 1965

Heads the Assets Safety Division of the Internal Control Department at Promsvyaz Capital LLC. Mr Volynkin graduated from the Yaroslavl Higher Military Financial School.

Irina Golubeva, 1965

Ms Golubeva is the Deputy Head of the Management for Control of Banking Activity Efficiency of the Internal Control Department at Promsvyaz Capital LLC. She graduated from the Moscow Finance Institute in 1988.

Alexey Kargachev, 1962

Mr Kargachev is the Vice President for Internal Control at Promsvyaz Capital LLC. He graduated from the Moscow Automotive Institute in 1989.