Audit Commission

The Audit Commission of Vozrozhdenie Bank is the body responsible for control over financial and business activity of the Bank elected by the General Meeting of shareholders.

The Audit Commission is entitled to:

  • Audit the financial and business activity of the Bank
  • Review compliance of the current operations with the financial and business plan (budget)
  • Audit the Bank’s financial position
  • Review the Bank’s compliance with the set standards and limits as well as functioning of the internal control and risk management systems
  • Review of timeliness and correctness of payments to budget and non-budget funds, dividends accrual and payment, as well as payment of employees remunerations and social insurance

The Audit Commission reviews the correctness of profit distribution, confirms reliability of the annual report data and investigates facts of insider information misuse.
The Audit Commission develops recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Management Board of the Bank on improvement of financial and business activity of the Bank.

Regulations on the Audit Comission (PDF, 284.2 KB) of Vozrozhdenie Bank

Members of the Audit Commission

Tamara Lapinskaya, 1954

Mrs. Lapinskaya heads Business Planning and Analysis Division of Vozrozhdenie Bank Finance Department.

She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Finance (today, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation) in 1977.

Svetlana Markina, 1952

Svetlana Markina holds position of Deputy Head of Accounting and Financial Reporting Department of Vozrozhdenie Bank.

She graduated from the All-Union School of Accounting and Credit in 1972.

Dmitry Obryvalin, 1960

Dmitry Obryvalin heads the Shareholder Relations Division of Vozrozhdenie Bank Corporate Department.

He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics in 1982.

Ivan Makarov, 1982

Ivan Makarov is Deputy Head of Risk Management Department at Vozrozhdenie Bank.

He graduated from Michurinsk State Agrarian University in 2004 and from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics in 2013. Mr Makarov holds PhD in Economics.