Chairman of the Management Board


Mark, 1957

Chairman of the Management Board

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Born in 1957

In 1980 he graduated from Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy with major in Economic Cybernetics in Agriculture; qualification – Mathematical Economist in Agriculture. Ph.D. in Economics.

The Bank of Russia approved his nomination to the position of the Chairman of the Management Board on November 14, 2017. He was appointed to the said position on December 11, 2017

He has a row of awards and titles of honor including: plaques of Honor of the Governor of the Moscow Region “In gratitude”, “For contribution” and “For Contribution and Dedication”, a medal of the President of the Russian Federation “In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow”, a diploma of distinction of the Governor of the Moscow Region, and a title of "Honored Economist of the Moscow Region".

Mr. Nakhmanovich performs general management of the Bank in accordance with the Bank’s Articles of Association and Regulation on the Bank’s executive bodies approved by the General Shareholders Meeting.