Our history


Financial and operating results

Net income totaled RUB 1.5 billion and ROE reached 7.0%

Assets increased to RUB 211 billion

Corporate loan portfolio amounted to RUB 125.6 billion, up 9.3% year-over-year. The share of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in it rose to 64.3%

Retail loan portfolio grew by 22.8% and reached RUB 42.6 billion Mortgages exceeded RUB 29.5 billion, up 25% year-on-year

Customer funds totaled RUB 161.5 billion. The share of retail deposits was 54%

Credit turnover on bank card accounts elevated by 11.4% to RUB 186 billion

Key events

RUB 4 billion of mortgages is securitized

The last tranche of subordinated deposit is raised to strengthen capital, total volume of financing stood at RUB 3 billion

Strengthening market positions

Vozrozhdenie Bank features among Top-100 public companies compiled by “Expert RA” agency

Vozrozhdenie Bank featured in a rating of the World’s Top-1,000 banks compiled by authoritative British magazine The Banker, taking 790th place

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services affirmed long-term and short-term credit ratings of Vozrozhdenie Bank at ‘BB-/B’ on the international scale and ‘ruAA-‘ on the national scale. The rating outlook remained ‘stable’

Professional recognition

The World Finance Magazine declared Vozrozhdenie Bank the winner for ‘Best Corporate Governance, Russia’

Rating agency Moody`s Investors Service upgraded the credit rating of tranche A mortgage-backed bonds issued by MAV-2 to “Baa2”


Financial and operating results

Net income rose by 50% to RUB 2.3 billion and ROE reached 11.9%

Assets increased by 13.7% to RUB 209.1 billion

Corporate loan portfolio expanded by 9.3% to RUB 123.5 billion. The share of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in it climbed to 62.5%

Retail loan portfolio expanded by 34.8% to RUB 32.9 billion

Mortgages exceeded RUB 22.3 billion, up 45% year-on-year

Customer funds rose by 12.9% to RUB 163.9 billion. The share of retail deposits was 49.4%.

Credit turnover on bank card accounts grew by 11.4% to RUB 186 billion

Key events

Dmitry Orlov is elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors

Alexander Dolgopolov is appointed as Chairman of the Management Board

Two new management positions are created, Operations Director and IT Director, as part of the operating model optimization project

RUB 4.3 billion of mortgages is securitized

RUB 2 billion of subordinated deposits is raised to strengthen capital

Strengthening market positions

Vozrozhdenie Bank features in a rating of the world’s top 1,000 banks compiled by authoritative British magazine The Banker

Vozrozhdenie Bank features in a rating of the world’s 500 most valuable banking brands by Brand Finance

Professional recognition

In March 2013, the Bank wins the “Best Corporate Governance, Russia” award from British magazine World Finance

The Bank wins the “Best IR Management in Russia” award for 2012 from Global Banking & Finance Review

The Bank is presented with the “STP Award 2011. Excellent Quality” by Commerzbank AG for the high quality of its international settlement service

Lyudmila Goncharova, Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Board, features in the “Top 50 Corporate Bankers” rating by magazine Profile

Andrey Shalimov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, wins the “Best Investor Relations by CFO, Small Cap” award from IR magazine Russia & CIS


Financial and operating results

Net income rose by 170% to RUB 1.594 billion and ROE was up to 9.1%

Assets increased by 10.7% to RUB 183.9 billion

Corporate loan portfolio expanded by 14.6% to RUB 113 billion. The share of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in it climbed to 62%

Retail loan portfolio expanded by 46.7% to RUB 24.4 billion

Mortgages exceeded RUB 15 billion, up 57% year-on-year

Deposits rose by 11.4% to RUB 145.1 billion. The share of retail deposits was 63.6%

Turnover on bank card accounts increased by 11% to RUB 167 billion

Strengthening market positions

International rating agency Standard & Poor’s upgraded the Bank’s ratings to ‘BB-’ on the international scale and ‘ruAA-’ on the national scale, the outlook ‘stable’

In a rating of the World’s Top-500 banking brands, Brand Finance valued Vozrozhdenie Bank brand at US$168 million

Vozrozhdenie Bank again featured in a rating of the World’s Top-1,000 banks compiled by authoritative British magazine The Banker

The Bank expanded its geographic presence by opening a branch in Voronezh

Professional recognition

Dmitry Orlov was named as one of the Top-10 senior managers in the commercial banking sector in the Top 1,000 Russian Managers rating compiled by the Association of Managers

The Bank won its second award for “Best Financial Institution Providing Customs Services” in the Customs Olympus competition for leaders in foreign economic activity

Vozrozhdenie Bank won the “Deal of the Year — Export” award of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)’s for its Trade Facilitation Program

The Bank won Finance magazine’s 2011 award “For Longstanding Adherence to a Policy of Independence from Politics”

In a competition organized by Thomson Reuters Extel and IR Magazine, Vozrozhdenie Bank investor relations division was again recognized as one of the best in Russia and the CIS, taking second place in the Grand Prix for the best service for investors of small-cap companies


In 2010, Vozrozhdenie Bank was named Bank of the Year by The Banker magazine. This prestigious professional award is given to leading banks from 140 countries each year.

In the reporting period, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s changed the outlook on Vozrozhdenie Bank’s long-term counterparty credit rating to ‘positive’ from ‘stable’. The international-scale rating was affirmed at ‘B+’ and the local-scale rating at ‘ruA+’ with a ‘positive’ outlook. The bank’s short-term credit rating was affirmed at ‘B’.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was a prize-winner at the annual Customs Olympus 2010 in the category for best financial institution offering services in the customs field.

Vozrozhdenie Bank received an award at the third annual public awards Financial Pearls of Russia 2010 in the category of ‘Best Financial Services for the Population’.

Vozrozhdenie Bank recorded net income for 2010 of RUB581 million.

The loan portfolio increased by 22.1% to RUB104 billion.

Deposit volumes increased by 14.6% to RUB85.3 billion, while the share of retail deposits increased to 65.4%

In 2010, the Bank issued 250,000 new debit cards. In total, 1.4 million people have cards issued by the Bank. The number of Visa cards issued by the Bank reached 1.1 million.


Vozrozhdenie Bank managed to achieve net profit of RUB 1,217 mln and maintain high level of capital adequacy (19%).

Loan portfolio before provisions totaled RUB 94.6 bln. Corporate lending programs accounted for 85.1% of the loan book with 50.8% share of total loans issued to the small and medium enterprises.

Loan loss provisions in 2009 accounted for 5.0% of average loan book which is RUB 4.8 billion. Coverage of non-performing loans by provisions was maintained at the above 100% level.

Customer accounts increased by 25% to RUB 113 bln while individual deposits rose by 32.3% to RUB 68.6 bln.

Vozrozhdenie Bank issued 225 thousand new debit cards and total number of cardholders (including holders of credit cards) reached 1.35 million. A new ATM deposit was introduced, which can be opened via any Vozrozhdenie Bank ATM.


Assets of Vozrozhdenie Bank grew by 27%.
The Bank maintained its funding base with 11% customer accounts increase.
Non-interest income increased by 35%, number of transactions on client’s accounts — by 30%.
Number of clients reached 55 thousand enterprises in corporate segment and 1.35 million individual customers in retail one.


Vozrozhdenie Bank was awarded by Itogi magazine as “The best mid—cap domestic bank”.
Vozrozhdenie Bank was awarded with National Banking prize as the “Company of the year”
Vozrozhdenie Bank issued its millionth bank card.
Vozrozhdenie Bank issued 3 million common shares raising $177 million.


15 year!
Network of 138 offices, over 400 ATMs serves more than 900 000 clients.


Bank a top 3 participant in Government Housing Finance program, 9th largest issuer of retail mortgages.
Rated by Standard & Poor’s as most transparent bank in Russia.


Vozrozhdenie,10th largest bank in terms of individual deposit, accepted info Deposit Insurance Program.


Vozrozhdenie has third largest branch network and is among 200 largest Russian companies.


ATM network largest in Moscow Oblast, 100 000th VISA card issued.


10 year!
Vozrozhdenie among 20 largest banks in terms of corporate credit portfolio.


14th equity issue triples capital.
CIBC becomes a shareholder.
Europay International certifies processing center.


Central bank evaluates Vozrozhdenie as a stable bank.


Bank creates ATM network and establishes own processing center.


Vozrozhdenie’s shares trade in international markets as ADRs.


Recognized as a socially valuable credit organization and joins world bank development programs.


Joins VISA International as associate member.


Vozrozhdenie joins S.W.I.F.T.
Correspondent banking network established with western banks.


Further development of the branch network.
One of the largest in Russia cash collection and delivery service established.


Vozrozhdenie receives foreign exchange license from the Central bank, joins Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange.
Shares listed on RTS.


Foundation of Vozrozhdenie bank.
Centrel bank registered Vozrozhdenie bank with 34 branches in Moscow Oblast and Moscow City.