• Reputation for us is commitment to our word

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Our bank

Vozrozhdenie Bank is a personal bank for retail and corporate clients. It has a history dating back to April 1991. Most of the current management team has been with the bank for more than 15 years, many — since its inception in 1991, having weathered several crises in the banking system. Our bank features in a rating of the Russian top 30 banks. The distribution network spans 119 outlets and about 2000 ATMs, including ATMs of our partners. We supply around 42,000 corporate clients and 1.3 million retail clients with a range of services — from deposits, business financing, mortgage, and consumer lending to bank cards, settlements, cash-in-transit etc. We are successful for one reason: complete focus on the needs of our clients.

We believe that close relationships with our clients are our most valuable assets. We work in true partnership with our clients. We are responsive, human and dependable, the bank our clients rely on in good and bad times. This closeness to our clients sets us apart, today and in the future.